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Nancy Smith has a classical background in dressage and has been very successful training multiple horses to the Grand Prix Level.  She has been a member of the United States Dressage Bronze Medal Team at the North American Championships as well as the Alternate for the Pan American Games.  Several horses ridden and trained by Nancy have been long listed for the Olympics and World championships with Nancy in the irons.  Her success over the last two decades on multiple horses reflects her talent for riding a wide variety of horses at the Grand Prix Level.

She has had the opportunity to work both domestically and abroad with some of the greatest dressage masters of our time.  Riding each horse to its best potential is a talent that Nancy has honed over two decades and her sensitivity for understanding the way each horse thinks and reacts gives her the ability to make any horse a better partner.

As a teacher, her goal is to help the rider gain  a better understanding of the skills necessary to train each horse and to understand how the horse reacts and accepts the training.  Helping the horses and rider communicate on the same level enables each combination to meet their goals.  All riders that have a genuine desire to learn are welcome, regardless of level or goal.

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